Our Favorite Places

Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area

Overlapping parks, a lake and a river, plus plenty of activities for the whole family, all located in a central area, make this a top pick.

Atwater Village / Elysian Valley

This area can’t be beat for its assortment of man-made and natural activities for kids to enjoy, from encounters with great blue herons to rides on a merry-go-round.

Long Beach Harbor

This city has it together in terms of a kid-friendly downtown scene, with a lighthouse, an ocean liner, an aquarium and restaurants, all connected by level bike paths, and within easy reach of beaches and a bird-filled estuary.

Whittier Narrows Recreation Area / Bosque Del Rio Hondo

Comparable to the Sepulveda Basin, this area sports a lake and a river, as well as other attractions appealing to families.


Lower Arroyo Seco

This sleepy string of parks is conducive to unbridled play, but it also boasts a nifty Audubon Center with great hikes, and a museum of Victorian-era homes.