Kid-Friendly Activities

The LA River is a source of diverse – and diverting – activities for kids of all ages, abilities and interests.

There’s fishing, photography, bird watching, as well as scenic and easy hiking and biking. Riverside parks offer playgrounds and picnic areas. And off the River, a myriad of additional parks boast museums, railroad rides, and activities for the whole family.

While each of the listings could be a separate family outing, you might try to fit a number of destinations into a single outing. It’s up to you. You’re a parent, so by definition you’re exhausted half the time.  But we think you’ll find yourself far more energized after a trip to the LA River and its kid-friendly amenities than had you stayed home and let the TV (or Wii) do the entertaining. 

Initially, not knowing where to go or what to do is the biggest impediment to your first visit to the River. Use our guide to craft a plan of action. There’s the drive and parking, what to do and where to eat, all details that you can work out in advance.  With successive trips back to these activity-rich areas, you’ll soon become an expert on how to tailor river visits to your own family’s interests and needs.

Get up and go for it!


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