New bike and walking paths, riverside parks and other amenities have already begin the transformation. Many more projects are coming. They'll reverse the past and, as they turn the river into a recreational playground and civic gathering place, give the city of LA a brighter future.

Imagine the Possibilities

Learn about the projects to transform and improve the river.


Check out our comprehensive guide of riverside trails and scenery, parks, paths and wildlife that have already made the river a popular destination for all ages.

Explore the River Today

Discover all the recreational activities.


Along the 52 mile channel of the LA River are many scenic surprises. Learn about the twenty-seven historic bridges, the many displays of public art, and the locations where over a hundred movies have been filmed.

Unexpected Sights

You'll find hidden gems along the river's banks.


Black-necked stilts, ruddy ducks, Bullck's orioles and over a hundred other species of cool birds are hanging out in the various spots along the LA River's riparian habitat.

Wildlife in Los Angeles?

It is not just our nightclubs that are filled with the unexpected.


From the Native American villages to the Mexican pueblo to the American metropolis, the LA River has been at the center of the city life - and controversy - for centures. Learn about its dramatic history, the movies filmed on it, its water quality and more.

The River's Historic Past

Discover the hidden history of the waterway that shaped Los Angeles.


River Access

The Definitive Guide for River Access

Whether you pedal, dog walk or just stroll, there are some lovely riverside paths to explore. more

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