These projects are either been identified by the LA River Master Plan or the RRC as key opportunities.

Piggyback Yard – This existing 125-acre rail yard in Lincoln Heights and Boyle Heights, owned by Southern Pacific, is a potential riverside gem. A respected group of advocates, lawyers, and design professional have created a Conceptual Master Plan to promote open space, with sustainable water management, riparian landscape and some mixed-use development.

Studio City Golf & Tennis – Rather than let the property owner, the Weddingtons, build 200 condos on their 16-acre golf and tennis facility in Studio City, Save LA River Open Space, a well-organized neighborhood group, has created an alternative vision. The group has proposed a nature park, which would extend along the river throughout the San Fernando Valley.





Canoga Park Greenway - This project would create a continuous river greenway, with bike and pedestrian paths, from Canoga to Vanalden Avenues. The project will add landscaping and water quality elements to the existing bike/pedestrian paths within the LA River easement.   

 The NorthEast Los Angeles River Study Area - The CRA/LA is investigating the creation of a 2,300-acre River Corridor Project in the San Fernando Valley, which would convert an under-performing industrial area into a series of ‘green’ businesses and parks.

 Pickleworks – This city-owned brick building, just north of the 1st St. bridge, has great views of the river and could become a mixed-use development.

 LA River Greenway, Phase II – A key component of river greenway through Studio City, it is partially funded but faces infrastructure challenges at the Sportsmen’s Lodge, and near bridge/roadway connections.

 Red Car Park Gateway - Would improve the existing Red Car Park with artistic, cultural, environmental, and public access enhancements.

 Boyle Heights River Gateway Park - This approximately three-acre site, bounded by Rio Vista, Olympic Boulevard, and 12th Street, would connect the large Sears site to the river, and would provide a much-needed multi-purpose park, with both active and passive amenities in an underserved area. The site provides ample room for formal athletic and recreational space, as well as areas with enhanced landscaping and passive recreation features. This project would provide improved river access. It would also be a significant river project for Boyle Heights, and would complement and enhance the redevelopment of the Sears site.

Arts District River Promenade - This project will green the western bank of the river through downtown LA between 4th and 6th Streets, with a multi-purpose park and promenade that extends the river bikeway/greenway. The project will include habitat, water quality, and recreational elements, and will

provide a much-needed link between the Arts District and the river in an underserved area. Additionally, the site could offer river-related amenities or economic development opportunities. The project would also link to the proposed Metro Rail Cap Park, offering an opportunity to partner in rails-to-trails conversion and creation.

 LA State Historic Park Wetlands - A wetlands park would be created at the eastern end of the LA State Historic Park, which would link to the river. It would offer ecosystem restoration benefits consistent with the US Army Corps of Engineers ongoing LA River Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Study. The wetlands would be supported by recycled water in the near term, and River water in the longer-term.

River Promenade (Chinatown/Cornfields) - This would significantly expand

the River bikeway/greenway into downtown Los Angeles, where it is currently absent. The project would provide green, publicly-accessible open space with environmental, educational, artistic/cultural, and water quality benefits.

 Tujunga Wash Confluence Greenway Connector - Would divert the river bikeway/greenway around CBS Studios along Radford Avenue along the northeast side of Tujunga Wash, and would reconnect to the river’s southwest side at or near Colfax Avenue.

 Aliso Creek Confluence Park - A multi-purpose park at the confluence of Aliso Creek and the LA River, spearheaded by the Trust for Public Land (TPL), which won a $1.5 million grant for the project in December 2010.

River Origin Park – A park on Canoga Park High School property, where the LA River begins within LA city limits.

 134 Freeway to Colorado Greenway Promenade - A major extension of the river greenway on the northeast side, which would allow a connection to the city of Glendale’s Riverwalk project. The promenade would mark the river’s confluence with the Verdugo Wash, with the possibility of a connecting bridge confluence to Griffith Park for non-vehicular traffic. This would encourage safe river passage in an area that is heavily congested with autos.

North Atwater Greenway, Colorado to Los Feliz - A major extension of the river greenway on the northeast side, connecting to the 134 Freeway/Colorado Street stretch upstream.

The Atwater Village West River Park -  This would be a naturalized a five-acre park in a sparsely landscaped area, located between the LA River and the 5 Freeway. The project features native trees and vegetation, benches, picnic areas and interpretive public art. Highly-contaminated runoff from the adjacent freeway will be routed to the park where it will be filtered into the ground without discharging into the river.

 Weddington Park River Buffer & Promenade - Opportunity to create a river loop by providing a multipurpose greenway on the northeast side, and a bikeway/greenway on the southwest side of the river, near a key confluence.

 Legion Lane Park – A large parcel in private ownership. It would provide multi-purpose open space, and possibly a Riverkeeper station or community center to provide education programs and surveillance functions.

 Burbank Bicycle-Pedestrian Bridge - The proposed project would provide a bicycle/pedestrian connection between the City of Burbank and the proposed LA River Trail Phase IV segment, between Victory and Barham Boulevards. This connection has been studied by the cities of Burbank and Los Angeles, via the LA River Connector study in 2002. This location is one of three alternative spots along the river, between Mariposa Street and Bob Hope Drive in Burbank. This project would be completed in concert with LA City's LA River Bikeway extension to Barham Boulevard.

 Woodman to Whitsitt River Greenway – This greenway would border the Studio City Golf and Tennis property in the public easement area and create a river loop.

 Lankershim/Cahuenga to Headworks River Greenway - A major extension of the River greenway/bikeway on both side of the River, in a dense, heavily auto-dependent area.

 Arroyo Seco Park - This project will create a native riparian edge along Arroyo Seco Park. The project replaces a narrow, grassy area with native trees and plants, thus conserving water and creating a more sustainable landscape. The project is in a highly visible area, seen by passengers on the Gold Line commuter rail. The bank of the Arroyo Seco, near its outlet into the Los Angeles River, will be spiked with live stakes to allow the greening of the bank without affecting the hydraulic capacity of the channel. Runoff from the existing parking lot and nearby streets will be treated using grass strips or swales.

 Center Street Riverway Park - This project would create a much-needed multi-benefit open space park near the river (on the western side) in densely urban downtown LA.

 Crown Coach Riverway - This project would link the CRA eco-industrial development of the Crown Coach site to the LA River on its western bank in downtown LA, and provide environmental benefits, improved river access, artistic and cultural benefits, an educational component, and community revitalization benefits.

 River Archway Park - This project would involve the creation of new river-adjacent multi-purpose open space on both the western and eastern banks of the River in downtown LA, in harmony with the 6th Street Bridge project.

 Rio Vista Ecotechnology Campus - This will be a multi-benefit, built in phases, which will incorporate expansion of the River bikeway/greenway, public access to the river, artistic/cultural elements, and green street and open space connections to the river. It will exemplify green building, technology R&D, and academic excellence through a consortia of local universities, and high-quality green jobs.

 7th Street River Park - This project would expand the multi-purpose river greenway on the eastern bank of the LA River in  Boyle Heights, east of downtown LA. The project would take advantage of a large easement and several lots upstream of the 7th Street Bridge. It could incorporate revitalization of the bridge into an effort that would result in environmental improvements, increased river access, and artistic, cultural, educational, and community benefits.

 Sears Site - This is a significant historic complex on the eastern bank of the river in downtown LA. The site offers opportunities for adaptive re-use of structures, creation of a multi-benefit development, and significant and high-profile open space next to the river.

 Silver Lake Paseo - Primarily a local Green Street, this would provide safe river access with green street improvements, and link the community of Silver Lake to the river.

Rio Hondo Coastal Basin Spreading Grounds Multi-use Improvements Project, Phase II - The project is the second phase of multi-phase improvements to the Rio Hondo Coastal Basin Spreading Grounds, located within the city of Pico Rivera. Perimeter landscaping improvements to the spreading grounds were completed as Phase I of the project. Phase II improvements will allow access into the spreading grounds for passive recreational purposes, and will include additional landscaping in the interior of the grounds. Walking and biking trails, enhanced rest areas, interpretive signage along trails, and security lighting are part of the plan.

 Rio Hondo/South Gate Confluence Park - Development of community park on a 21-acre site at the confluence of the Rio Hondo and L.A. Rivers.

Reseda Park Greenway & River Park Buffer - Connect existing park to the LA River on one or both sides, extending the river bikeway/greenway.

 Hjelte to Dam Wetlands Park - Very large ecosystem restoration opportunity with bikeway and greenway extensions.

 Sepulveda Spillway Park - Very large ecosystem restoration opportunity.

Metro Rail Cap Park - This project, aka “Pacific Horizon Park”, could be the LA equivalent of Millennium Park in Chicago. It would involve capping the Metro rail yard on the west bank of the river, just south of the 1st Street Bridge. This would provide a significant, multi-purpose, river-adjacent open space in downtown LA.

 Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex Riparian Buffer- Funding for a riparian buffer connection to the river from the northeast side of the Sports Complex project that would extend the river bikeway/greenway. In larger scope, the project could also include detention basins and cisterns beneath multi-purpose, open space fields.

Hollydale Park Pedestrian Bicycle Bridge - Construction of a bridge over the L.A. River connecting the east bank of the bike trail, just north of Hollydale Park, with the west bank of the bike trail, just south of Imperial Highway. The bridge would connect Hollydale Park to the new riparian habitat.

Bell Riverfront Greenway Project  - This project proposes to beautify the community along the western edge of the river, from Gage Avenue to Walnut Street, in the City of Bell. It would provide landscaping, irrigation, soil amendment, and ornamental steel tubular fencing.

 Cudahy Riverfront Project - This project proposes to beautify the community and restore natural habitat along the westerly edge of the river from Walnut Street to the City boundary line just south of Fostoria Street in the City of Cudahy by providing landscaping, irrigation, soil amendment, and ornamental steel tubular fencing.

Southern Avenue Green Way Bike Way - Development of a Greenway/Bike Trail in the city of South Gate, to connect South Gate Park and the L.A. River Bike Trail.

 14th Street Bikeway - Connect the MTA Blue Line light rail stop at Long Beach Boulevard to the LA Rio Trail along 14th Street, a former street car line now used for mini-park, city maintenance yard and private industrial uses. Line would connect to two proposed parks on now-vacant sites.

 67th Street Park - In Long Beach, this would add walking trails around the site, and a connection to LARIO Trail. Project would include planting riparian woodlands around the remainder of the activity areas on site.

 River Shore View Trail – This project would open up to public a 950-foot extension of the LA River Trail and CA Coastal Trail on the jetty that separates the mouth of the LA River from the Golden Shore Wetlands in Long Beach. Achieved by the development of a trailhead, a trail and an overlook from which to view the river, wetlands and Pacific Ocean. Drinking fountain, benches, bicycle sculpture, landscaping, a spotting scope, and directional and interpretive signage will be provided.

 Los Angeles River Improvement Overlay District (LA-RIO) -- This effort is being led by the Department of City Planning. The LA-RIO will encourage river-sensitive development along the first 32 miles of the river within Los Angeles. The draft ordinance is expected to be adopted by the City Council in 2011.

230+ Other Projects proposed by the LA River Master Plan and their map locations.

 Additional projects from the County’s Department of Public Works website

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