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LA River Greenway 2020

Working in partnership with various private and public entities, LA River Greenway 2020 is seeks to build a continuous 51-mile bike path along the L.A. River by the year 2020. To date, 26.2 miles of this path already exists. The LA River Greenway 2020 campaign aims to close the gap on the remaining 24 miles to create one of the largest urban greenways in the country. Click here to learn more.





North Atwater Bridge

View of LA River from proposed bridge site

A new bridge will connect the newly-expanded North Atwater Park to 4,200-acre Griffith Park via a bicycle, pedestrian and equestrian structure across the LA River. The bridge, which will offer spectacular views of the river, the surrounding parks and downtown Los Angeles, will be visible from the adjacent I-5 Freeway and will announce the river’s rebirth to countless travelers each day. The RRC raised four million dollars in private funds and is managing the development team.  Currently we completing Design Development of drawings. Expect bridge erection in spring 2013.







Lincoln Heights Old Jail

This property is an existing six-story Art Deco building overlooking the banks of the LA River in Lincoln Heights, across from Elysian Park.   It was designated a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument in 1993 (#587), and is owned by the City of LA (General Services Department).  The current building had been an L.A. police station and jail since it was constructed in 1949 and has a rich history. A series of earlier jails stood on the same site, dating back to the mid-1800s. Al Capone spent a night there after his arrest for tax evasion.* The Zoot Suit rioters of the ‘40s were locked up there. It was used as a ‘drunk tank’ until it was decommissioned in 1965.  It has since been used as a location for Hollywood movies, an exhibition space, and as office space for some city departments and non-profit organizations. Due to safety issues, the LA Fire Department is now removing the remaining tenants from the building.

The City of LA has asked the RRC to help restore and refurbish this beautiful city landmark so that it can be used again. The project will follow the highest standards in design, program, and will make the most of its riverside location.  Councilman Reyes has assured the community that existing tenants will be included in the redevelopment plans.  The site is in the CASP, the Cleantech Corridor, and in a proposed CRA/LA project area.  We are currently conduction due diligence for repositioning the building with stakeholders. 

G2 Property (Taylor Yard)

This 42 acre property represents perhaps the "Crown Jewel" of riverside land acqusitions.  It currently is a former rail yard adjacent to the Glendale Narrows section of the river where the soft-bottom channel is supports regional water quality improvements, riparian habitat and abundant wildlife. Acquisition of the site would provide opportunities to restore the natural flood plain, and reestablish riparian habitat sloping up from the river bottom towards a relocated levee. The restored wetlands will improve water quality using the flows from existing storm drains. Nature trails that wind through the restored habitat would provide environmental education, along with interpretive river-themed art, seating areas, picnic areas and open space for recreational activities.

The RRC is working in consort with the SMMC to analyze development and fundraising options.

Dorris Place Park

Existing site conditions of playground

 Dorris Place Elementary School, part of the Los Angeles Unified School District,  sits next to the LA River in the Elysian Valley. We are working to develop a public park on the school grounds. This proposed project, which will be open to the public after school hours and during the weekends, will provide open space, enhance bicycle and pedestrian connectivity, and will reduce and treat storm water running into the LA River.

Turf will replace the existing asphalt parking. A walking path, seating areas, water features, a groundwater filtration system will be added, as will murals and a pedestrian gate designed by an artist.

The project will be a joint effort with LAUSD.



See Proposed Projects to see our possible candidates for future projects.

* Urban myth update: Al Capone was arrested for tax evasion in Chicago and didn't spend the night at the Lincoln Heights Jail.