About this website

The Los Angeles River Revitalization Corporation has created this website with two goals in mind. The first is to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date repository for information about the Los Angeles River, its history, recreational opportunities, parks, access points, maps,  news and events.  We are proud to join existing organizations, like FoLAR and KCET’s Departures, in providing information and inspiration to everyone interested in the Los Angeles River.

Our site also is designed to speak to individuals and organizations interested in learning about, or participating in, the revitalization of the river. Our objective in the Revitalization section is to present a thoughtful guide to the work that has already been completed, and more importantly, of the great things to come. 

Our organization, a non-profit created in 2009 by the City of Los Angeles, hopes to lead the transformation of the lands along the L.A. River. We were born from the city, but are designated as a separate development corporation. We are charged with converting industrial properties, rail yards and other aesthetically-challenged areas into mixed-use spaces for the public. Our goal is to reconnect Los Angeles to its river.

We are not alone in this large, civic task. A host of public and private organizations is at work on this worthy cause. Of particularly note is the projects carried out by a variety of Los Angeles city departments and council districts, and by the mayor’s office. These are coordinated by the city’s Ad Hoc River Committee and are presented on its LARiver.org website. 


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